Join the Movement

To support CLIC’s Steel Pan Revolution Initiative you can contribute a minimum of US$25.00 or any amount as you are led to contribute in US$25.00 blocks. There is no limit to how much an individual can contribute, subject only to the laws of your country.


You will receive a copy of CLIC’s amazing and life transforming Mental Boost Package (E-Book) as a reward for your generous contribution.

We thank you in
advance and encourage you to invite as many persons as possible to support this
movement. Every Steelpan Enthusiast, Practitioner and Professional sincerely
thank you in advance for your valued contribution.

Contributions can be made using any Credit Card (select the WiPay Credit Card Payment Option at Checkout) or WiPay Voucher (for Trinidad and Tobago Residents).

WiPay is a registered, secure payment processor company and e-commerce enabler, with its domicile in Trinidad and Tobago, but serving the Caribbean for a number of years. For more information on WiPay visit their website at: WiPay is backed by one of the oldest and largest financial institutions in the Caribbean region with branches in Africa.

WiPay is the Caribbean’s Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal, Google Pay etc which facilitates the processing of online payments with international credit/debit card brands like VISA and Mastercard or its locally generated and purchased cash vouchers.

WiPay Vouchers can be purchased at any Authorized WiPay Agent throughout Trinidad and Tobago. You must purchase the voucher valued at $175.00 or more to ensure sufficient funds is available for your contribution of US$25.00. Click for WiPay agent listing and location


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