How to Buy

Click on the SHOP tab or

Select the CLIC Mental Boost Option


Then click VIEW CART (which will immediately show up as a link below ADD TO CART or at the top right hand corner, you will see the cart icon / trolley

Enter the Quantity you desire to purchase. Please note that each purchase of the Mental Boost for US$25.00 allows you one (1) download of each of the Mental Boosts.

Once a quantity has been entered, click UPDATE CART to update the total amount.


Enter Billing Details. N.B All the fields with asterisk (*) is mandatory. We also strongly recommend that you insert the name of the person who referred or invited you to be a part of this movement.

Select your Payment Method under YOUR ORDER summary. To pay with ANY VISA or MASTERCARD Credit/Debit Card, you select the Paypal or WiPay Credit Card Option. Then click PLACE ORDER.

WiPay is a registered, secured payment processor and e-commerce enabler with its domicile in Trinidad and Tobago, however serving the Caribbean for a number of years. For more information on WiPay visit their website at:

Enter your Credit Card details (the system will automatically convert the amount of your purchase from USD to TTD and the total sum will be shown at the top of the page.

Click CONFIRM PAYMENT when complete.

If you selected WiPay Voucher as the payment option, a box will pop up for the Wi-Pay Top Up Voucher Number. Insert the 12-Digit VOUCHER NUMBER within the box and click PLACE ORDER. (Note: WiPay Vouchers can be purchased locally for any person who doesn’t have a credit card from any of the registered and authorised agents throughout Trinidad and Tobago. For full agent listing and location check out:

Click CONFIRM PAYMENT when complete.

Upon successful processing of your order, an ORDER RECEIVED Summary page will pop up, with details of your purchase.

 Additionally, an email confirmation of your purchase will be sent to the registered email address entered under Billing Details. This will also include the download link for CLIC’s Mental Boost – 5-Pack Booklet Series.