CLIC, being very focused on holistic personal development and empowerment, has written and published the 5-Pack Mental Boost Booklet Series.

The Mental Boosts are truly empowering, enlightening and life transforming and the first series comprise of the following titles:

  • Principles of Success:
  • The Principles and Virtues of Personal Empowerment
  • Seven Steps to Financial Freedom
  • You and Your Network
  • Smart Money – The New Money

The Principles and Virtues of Personal Empowerment

These are aged old, timeless principles for leadership and human development, taught in every outstanding military institution on earth and especially at the famed Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, Camberley UK and at the West Point, the USA version of Sandhurst. In this Mental Boost, the fascinating, life transforming key principles are translated, contextualized and made relevant for all.

The Seven Steps to Financial Freedom

This Mental Boost is simple but profound and easy to apply. It presents steps that will transform the personal, family and therefore national finances of all who diligently apply them, month after month, year in year out.

You and Your Network

A very powerful retired public servant, now Attorney, commented even two days ago of the impact this, third Mental Boost in the set has had in his thinking, his life. For forty years of outstanding public life and service, he has never been aware of the power and necessity of focused networking even though he obliviously executed it daily. He stated in an open forum that this Mental Boost in particular, simply blew him away. In the modern world, everyone is waking up to understand that you are only as powerful as your network, the ‘no man/woman is an island’, has more meaning now than ever before.

Smart Money …… The New Money

This speaks for itself, Digital Money and Crypto Currencies are the new order of the day. The world is going Digital, Crypto Currencies, Tokens, Smart Contracts etc are swiftly dominating the universe. The entire City of Shen Jen in China has developed a 12 trillion economy completely digital. No business in Shen Jen accepts a tangible dollar, not even for ice-cream. Central Banks worldwide are all racing toward Blockchain and Digital Technology. This Mental Boost on Smart Money, is a cute but serious wake up call to us to get with the modern form of money.

Principles of Success

These are time-tested principles used by the military and all successful institutions and persons to dominate their environment. The content of this booklet is simple with easily applicable language that anyone can follow and apply to their daily life, personality, business, corporations, family life.

Our Bold Claim is: ‘Anyone and Everyone who read and re-read these precious Mental Boosts and apply the Principles diligently, will reap tremendous benefits in the short, medium and long term’. From a collective stand point these Mental Boosts will in time, dramatically affect in a positive manner, the very way of life of our people.