CLIC has launched a Holistic Revolution. A campaign aimed primarily at empowering and transforming the lives of all generations, starting in the Caribbean and exploding into Diaspora and the world at large.

We are also very focused on the Holistic Development of the Human Being. who actually plays the instrument called the “Steelpan”. They who actually create the magic and bring forth the mysterious, magnificent, soul-stimulating music. In 50 years of living in the blessed home of the Steelpan and in our global travels, never have we seen a steelpan play itself. Not bass, tenor, guitar, double second nor quad pan. It is always a supremely talented, well-practiced and rehearsed human being who brings forth sweet music from the beautiful chrome instrument.

It is high time we honor, reward, remunerate, respect and financially empower ourselves and these committed even fanatical human Pan Giants: Male, Female or Youths.

CLIC’s primary areas of focus are:

  • A Leadership revolution
  • A Reading revolution
  • A Financial revolution
  • An Economic revolution

We have found a way for any ambitious person to achieve all of the above once they have a desire for change and empowerment, a constructive attitude and a positive work ethic.

Our Mental Boosts are one of CLIC’s simple and effective tools that are designed to empower our people to become educated, conscious and informed. Our Mental Boosts also facilitate the building of a solid platform for making better life choices. As Albert Einstein said “no problem can be solved by the same level of thinking that created it”.

The Purpose of this Initiative is also to create the capital required to:

Finance the legal, executive and operational startup costs necessary to establish a number of co-operatives within the steel pan fraternity here, starting in Trinidad and Tobago.

Establish foundations in the names of Pan Giants who have passed on, for example: Rudolf Charles, Spree Simon, Hugh Borde, Clive Bradley, Pat Bishop, Ken Professor Philmore, Neville Jules, Eustace Manning Henry, Leroy “Jughead” Gordon etc. These Foundations will, in time, and with increasing contributions and funding, provide scholarships and grants, to youths in pan world, children of pan giants etc. It will also provide financial and social support of steel pan families, who may suffer certain forms of distress. 

Provide support and assistance to steel bands needing to acquire permanent property to establish stable pan yards / homes, starting in Trinidad and Tobago. This would also form the basis for various community and youth projects and activities.

Develop and host a global steel pan web-based community, a cyber family updated daily on everything related to good news and high achievements across the world of pan.   We will highlight the innovations and achievements of our youths, the next generation pan giants and much more.