Early registration into the Redemption 9 – CLIC MLM business opportunity, when launched, as a Scholarship Recipient of the Addy B. Thomas Foundation (Normal Condition of Scholarship Apply). Your Membership will entitle you to a three (3) month scholarship into Level 1 of Redemption 9. Members will be responsible for maintaining their monthly subscription of €10.00 thereafter.

All Members of CLICElite are required to establish a Universal Block Chain Wallet as soon as possible, after being confirmed as a Member of the CLIC Family.

Significant discounts and opportunities from registered member businesses and entrepreneurs within the CLIC Caribbean Business and Entrepreneur Club (CCBEC).

Access to a variety of Personal Development Training, material and information on an ongoing basis, including private networking events and opportunities, online and offline. CCBEC University will be a major personal and entrepreneurial development platform unrivaled across the world and accessible to CLIC Elite Members.

Complimentary gift of three (3) GBX3 Tokens, upon official token launch. For your posterity this may be yet the most significant gift/benefit of them all.

Access to the CLIC Elite Concierge Team and Services when launched.

Priority access and special preferential club members’ rate, in several of CLIC’s future Real Estate deals worldwide.

Profit Sharing opportunities:

Three percent (3%) of all CLIC Profits annually will go into a pool (CLIC Elite Profit Sharing Pool) to be distributed among CLIC Elite Members, at Management’s discretion, on an annual basis from September 2021.

US$2.00 from every CLIC Mental Boost package sold globally will be deposited into the CLIC Elite Profit Sharing pool to further enhance members’ benefits.

Ten percent (10%) of the annual profits from CCBEC University will be deposited into the CLIC Elite Profit Sharing Pool to further enhance the members’ benefits.

There are several other benefits to be added, in time, as the club matures and profitability increases. For example, via CLIC Sales a window to online shopping in the 6.7 trillion dollar African Continental Free Trade agreement which officially came into force on 30th May 2019.