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Who We Are

We are a Team of Caribbean People united under a Banner of Love, led by our Mantra: “I am my Brothers and Sisters Keeper”; forging a vast array of expertise, all geared towards the Goal

“The Holistic Empowerment of God’s People Everywhere”

Financially – Intellectually – Spiritually – Physically – Morally – Socially

Where there is Unity of Purpose, there is very little that a Team can seek to accomplish that they will not. 

 CLICElite is for persons of one-mind, one-spirit, one-mission: to emancipate self and God’s People from economic bondage.  CLICElite forms the foundation of CLICNation.  It is from CLICElite that we seek to finance this Global Movement towards Global Generational Wealth and Empowerment; starting at home and spreading abroad.

Work With Us

This Club is not for the faint of heart; but for Women and Men who will decide daily to do what is necessary to establish the way forward for our generation and generations to follow – A Good Man/Good Woman leaves an inheritance to their children’s children – that is a minimum of two generations for whom we must accept and EXECUTE responsibility. I.F.A.D. Rules (see MBs).

This is strictly a Private Membership Club Рand it is by invitation ONLY Рa member of the CLIC Family must refer you, and CLIC reserves the right to reject any application it deems unsuitable.

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